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'''National Louis University''' ('''NLU''') is a private non-profit United States|American university. NLU has locations in and near Chicago, Illinois, as well as in Wisconsin, Florida and Nowy Sącz, Poland. Many courses and programs are also offered at-a-distance. Since its founding in 1886, NLU has played a historic role in education, when it helped found the National Kindergarten Movement, and the Parent-Teacher Association|National Parent Teacher Association (PTA) and stressed the importance of academic and professional training in childhood education theory and practice.Snyder, Agnes. 1972. Dauntless Women in Childhood Education, 1856 - 1931. Washington, D.C.: Association for Childhood Education International. p. 98"Early Childhood Education: Preparation of Teachers." Encyclopedia of Education. The Gale Group, Inc, 2002. Retrieved, 27 Jul. 2010 from...
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